Taking the First Step

Taking the first step is never easy. Especially because you don’t even want to admit you have a problem. That’s what it was like for me. I grew up my whole entire life thinking I was always right, had too much pride and was way to stubborn to admit i was ever wrong. Thank god I was convinced by the people i loved that i was a drunk. It took me waking up in a park to realize enough was enough. You can call it rock bottom as many do, I just call it the day that changed my life. When I took the first step in my sobriety it didn’t look very hopeful. To tell you the truth I was ready to quit the very first day, but day by day I was seeing progress, I was detaching myself to the poison and felt so much better. I understood early in my sobriety that it was all in my head. That whenever I felt weird or needy it was because of the thoughts I was thinking. To tell you the truth changing my environment was the key to my success and my healthy recovery. Not seeing the same things I had seen day in and day out, not waking up in the same bed, not walking down the same streets, that changed the game. I hope one of you can relate to me, and change your thought pattern for the better, and understand that we can do this together. You’re NOT alone. First step is always the hardest.


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