First blog post


Welcome to my first post. A blog dedicated to addicts who feel like there is no hope left or are getting there.

Why at that point?

Because that’s exactly where I was. And relating is one of the best ways to understand.

Who am I?

Just a kid from Jersey who has a story worth hearing. And why do i say that?

Because hearing someone else’s life’s story altered mine for the best.

So I hope you can find something in my story that can leave a profound impact on yours.

So what’s my story? Well that’s what you are going to get for the next few decades until i leave this beautiful world.

For starters I love sports and everything about them. The creation of the sport, the history behind all the teams, the life profiles of every player, and their motivation for winning. What separates the mediocre from the best? Is it the coaching, the players themselves, the age, the place, or is it something else? Well I have no idea, but what I can tell you about winning is that if it weren’t for winning in sports I might have not been around to tell this story.

In high school I played two different sports, baseball and soccer. And my intention was to go division 1 since the moment i stepped into my high school freshman year. My sophomore year my soccer team was one of the best in the state and had a real chance of winning the state championship. We had an undefeated regular season record, and were headed to the playoffs as the #1 seed, we had a great mix of players from honor roll students to students that would hardly ever show up to school. But something about that season made us come together as one, and understand that we could make school history. Until one night when we decided to throw a party after our last regular season game before the playoffs and that’s where the story begins…





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